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Forecasts within Energy Markets – Summer School

September 27th to October 1st
Bindersbacher Tal

The Forecasts within Energy Markets – International Summer School is a five-day intensive, interactive course which provides a profound knowledge on the subject, a cutting edge topic in the current political, economic and scientific discussion. Participants will be taught various forecasting techniques from different scientific areas. These include fundamental market modelling, agent-based modelling, probabilistic and density forecasting, machine learning algorithms and forecast evaluation.

The program delivers theoretical concepts in form of lectures and by hands-on sessions. Students will work in small learning groups on the topics and present their own results on scientific literature research. Completing the course, students will have the skills to apply and combine comprehensive and up-to-date forecasting methods aiming for goals such as optimizing the accuracy in short or long-term price or feed-in forecasting.

Getting a grip on your subject – in addition to teaching methodologies, a hands-on-course on efficient and comprehensive literature surveys will be offered.

Furthermore, the program includes interactive group work and a set of social activities such as a BBQ and a hiking tour through the nature of the Palatinate Forest.

Due to Covid-19, the Summer School had to be cancelled in 2020. It now will take part from September 27th to October 1st in 2021 at ACHAT Hotel Karlsruhe.

It is meant to address doctoral motivated to gain knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of forecasting within the energy markets as well as methodologically interested practitioners holding at least a Master's degree or equivalent.

The Summer School is organized within the framework of the project "ProKoMo - Better price forecasts in the energy industry by combining fundamental and stochastic models", which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Under ProKoMo you will find a detailed description of the project.


Organizing Institutions:

Brandenburg University of Technology


Chair of Energy Economics



Prof. Felix Müsgens



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Institute for Operations Research

Chair for Analytics and Statistics



Prof. Oliver Grothe